Mutton Bolognaise

Mutton is just so versatile! I like to make a big batch of mince and then make a huge pan of mutton bolognaise. I then freeze what isn’t eaten on … Read more

Mutton Breast Boulangere

This is one of those dishes that makes your whole house smell just wonderful whilst it is cooking. Many thanks to Geraldine Graham from Ilkley for kindly sharing it with … Read more

Tolsta Chaolais Mutton Curry

This recipe comes courtesy of Gavin and Fiona Barlow in Yorkshire. It’s a slow cooked curry for maximum depth of flavour. Start it one (or two) days before you want … Read more

Minced Mutton Keema

This is a wonderful recipe for Mutton mince which is cooked with aromatic spices, onion, garlic, tomatoes, fresh chillies and peas. It can be served with rice, potatoes, naan or … Read more