Hebridean Mutton

Hebridean Mutton comes from Hebridean Blackface sheep. These sheep are hardy enough to thrive while living freely on our hills and moors.

Mutton is produced from animals who are more than two years of age (lamb is killed before they are 12 months, usually before six months)

In our slow world female sheep are not introduced to the ram until they are in their third year and we would never kill an animal under that age.

Every year the sheep are gathered in for:

  1. lambing in April
  2. shearing in June
  3. dipping at the beginning of November
  4. ewes for the ram 20th November (back to the moor at christmas)

Gatherings need people to work together in the traditional way and dipping and shearing are the big days in the village. We hope that we can keep these traditions for another generation.

We are keen to raise meat without damaging the planet and to allow our animals to live a natural, and healthy life. It is a great bonus that by doing so we can produce the tastiest and healthiest of meat.

Danger – eating this meat will spoil your pallet for the ordinary stuff