Highland Beef

Highland Cattle have been about our islands for a very long time. They originated here on the outer islands and in the highlands of Scotland and are first mentioned in the 6th Century.

The reason that they are still with us fifteen centuries later is that they are so superbly adapted to life on our wild and rugged hills.

Their long wavy coats give them the ability to overwinter and thrive in conditions that would kill other cattle. They are a comparatively small breed, athletic and light on their feet. They will happily graze up to their middles in bogs that other cattle would never get out of. Their milk has a very high butterfat content that nourishes calves born on the hill in a blizzard.

Highland beef isĀ  of the very highest quality and as an added bonus it has a lower cholesterol content than other beef (about the same as chicken)

Like any animal producing top quality meat Highlanders mature very slowly. While other cattle are slaughtered at eighteen months our highland bullocks roam the hills and forage in their family groups until at least three and a half years old and our heifers do not go to the bull until the same age.

This beef carries the same health warning as our mutton:

Danger – Eating this meat will spoil your pallet for the ordinary stuff