Hebridean Mutton

£12.00 per kilo 

Hebridean Mutton is sold as the meat of one whole animal:

cut, vacuum packed, boxed, and delivered chilled throughout mainland UK

on delivery the mutton is ready to cook or freeze.

The meat of one sheep is  usually 18-25 kilos so the price is between £200.00 and £300.00

We have a standard cut which we can vary to suit our customers:

1 whole leg (gigot)
1 shoulder
1 whole rack
7 chops
2 breasts
2 kidneys

2 half legs
2 half shoulders
1 whole loin
6 loin chops
neck cut in 6 pieces
a little stewing from behind the shoulder

The meat of one beast fills a box 12 inches x 24 inches x 6 inches – two very well packed drawers of a freezer.

Highland Beef

£17.00 per kilo.

Usually 30 – 40 kilos – so £480.00 to £640.00

We sell beef by the mixed quarter ( half a hind quarter and half a fore quarter) so everyone gets some of all the  cuts:

Steaks – Fillet, Rump, Sirloin, Rib eye, Frying, Braising, Stewing

Slow roast -Brisket and Shoulder

Roasting – Silverside, Topside, Rump



A quarter will be packed in two boxes 24 inches x 12 inches x 6 inches.- about four drawers of a freezer.

We will also sell by eighths – (half a quarter) at £18.00/kilo

15 to 20 kilos. S0 £250.00 to £340.00

The beef will be vacuum packed, labelled and boxed, and delivered throughout mainland UK


We will deliver by chilled van during September and into October for mutton and in October and November for beef.

On delivery the meat will be ready for cooking or freezing.

How To Order

To order  please go to the Contact page.